10 Ways to Go Green
Tip #7: Plant a Tree

No gardening project offers quite such instant gratification as planting your own tree.
You get exercise, immediate visual stimulation, and some serious self-satisfaction. Your
tree will convert nasty pollutants to pure oxygen and offer a welcome to wildlife -- and
tree roots can help stay erosion. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, helping to reduce global

Depending on what kind of tree you choose, and where you plant it, the shade can
gradually help to cool your home as well as offer a perfect spot for contemplation,
meditation or recreation. Trees are charming planted for a child as a living growth
chart, or in memory of a loved one.

You can also donate money to have trees planted all over the world, at brownspaces or
devastated places where they are most needed.

Tip #8: Recycle More

Savvy shopping and a little creativity can keep your trash pile from mounting. Judge
products by their recycled packaging, such as bottles, cans, paper wrappings, and
cereal boxes. Choose stationery and other supplies made from recyclable materials that
are better the second time around.

Take your used car batteries, antifreeze, and motor oil back to participating mechanics.
Return plastic bags to the grocery store. Give old cell phones and cars to your favorite
charity. Compost your leftovers and keep your lawn well fed by letting grass-mown
clippings lie.

Think outside that empty cardboard box: It's a fairytale fort for a five-year-old. Finally,
hang an old flat tire to a tree and make a swing for green-minded folks of all ages.